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  How to Record a Podcast
Subject:   Skype recording with HotRecorder
Date:   2005-05-31 02:02:35
From:   ernestoarmendariz
Hi there,
The simplest way to go about recording a Skype call is by using HotRecorder (www.hotrecorder.com).
This great tool enables you to record your Skype conversation (or any other VoIP conversation for that matter). You can also file and retrieve your recorded files and if you purchased the premium version (advertisement free), you get an Audio Converter which will enable you to convert the audio files into .ogg or .wav, thus making podcasting a piece of cake.
Highly recommended software. No hardware required.
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  • Skype recording with HotRecorder
    2005-07-31 01:46:13  LindsayT [View]

    Actually you do need hardware - a Windows PC - reading the site it looks like tehy have no plans to create a Mac Version
    • Skype recording with HotRecorder
      2006-05-16 20:23:03  plugtunin [View]

      There is a Mac equivalent now.
      CallRecorder for Skype from Ecamm Network:


      Just press record and Call Recorder creates an AAC audio file with a separate track for each side of the call.