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Hack:   The 30-Second Skip
Subject:   No Longer Available
Date:   2005-05-30 08:55:34
From:   FSouder
The latest update to my TiVo seems to have made it impossible to enter the 30 second skip hack. Has anybody encountered the same difficulty? Is there a work around?
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  • No Longer Available
    2005-06-21 20:37:41  skicop [View]

    I just got my series 2 TIVO to do this hack. It took me a while but i got it to work. You must be playing back a recorded show. it did not work when watching live TV.
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  • 30 Second Hack not working
    2005-05-30 18:13:29  KARTman [View]

    I have a Series 2 Tivo for about a month now, and just tried to do the 30 second hack, and it doesn't work. I have tried to do it with live TV, or replaying a recorded program. Any ideas on something else to try? Also in the instructions on how to do the hack it shows an arrow between commands. Are these arrows commands or a key?

Showing messages 1 through 2 of 2.