Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   Internal Server Error
Date:   2002-02-18 08:18:12
From:   morbus
Response to: Internal Server Error

Two things to verify:

- Make sure that "My Company's Authentication" is QUOTED after AuthName. If there are no quotes around it, then it would be considered multiple arguments, and thus you'd get the error.

- Make sure that the line encoding of your .htaccess file is set for Unix newlines. If it's Mac or Windows newlines, then that could give the "single argument" warning.

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  • Internal Server Error
    2002-03-12 21:11:07  kak [View]

    I know I'm coming late to the party but I'm having the identical problem described previously. I've setup the .htpasswd file and it seems fine. I have setup a .htaccess file in the directory I want to protect.

    Trying to access this directory gives me the 500 internal server error and then the 'AuthName takes one argument' warning in the error log.

    I have created the file using sudo pico and then typing it straight in (so I assume the line endings are OK). Is this a correct assumption?

    I definitely have quote around the Authname.

    The full .htaccess file is:

    AuthName "test"
    AuthType Basic
    AuthUserFile /Library/WebServer/.htpasswd
    require user david kim

    Anything else I can try - this is killing me!

    Oh, and one more thing - is it wise/unwise to use the httpd.conf file to change the name of the .ht files to something that can be more easily written to the system - like apple.htaccess or whatever?

  • Internal Server Error
    2002-02-18 09:04:40  hammer09 [View]

    Thanks morbus, You were absolutely correct. The .htaccess file that I saved had Macintosh line breaks. As soon as I resaved it as Unix, it worked like a charm. Is there a way to make that the standard way that bbedit saves the files? A preference or something? Thanks again for your help and please keep these articles coming or write your own book about serving apache on OSX. I'd be your first customer!
    • Morbus Iff photo Internal Server Error
      2002-02-20 12:28:39  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

      Yup, you can set BBEdit to automatically save files in Unix linefeeds - I've my 6.5 installation set that way. Take a look-see in your BBEdit Preferences, and I'm sure you'll find it.