Building Web Parts, Part 1
Subject:   Apparently this demo requires SQL Server Express 2005
Date:   2005-05-26 18:16:48
From:   MarkHaliday
I've tried to do this demo twice on different machines - each has SQL Server 2000 installed, but not SQL Server 2005 Express. I keep getting the following error:

SQLExpress database file auto-creation error

Also, anyone know if Web Parts are compatible with Firefox? I looked at some Web Part apps online and did not see being too friendly with Firefox (ie: Drag and drop of the parts doesn't work).

- Mark

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  • Apparently this demo requires SQL Server Express 2005
    2006-07-05 06:01:14  hasoon [View]

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      • Apparently this demo requires SQL Server Express 2005
        2005-07-20 05:40:55  Anil'sGround [View]

        Hey Mark,
        The bad thing about VS 2005 beta 2 is that you should install the Sql server CTP(2005) which is along with the build or else it would give you the above error
        The reason what i think is that by default the datasource is Access for VS2005 and this DB is some sought of encrypted format and only those drivers which are a part of sql 2005 CTP would be able to open it.hence its very much mandatory to install Sql 2005.
        hope this would help you to trouble shoot this...if SQL server is the required Database then you would have to run the aspnet_regsql.exe from the winnt/framework/2.XX/ folder.
      • Wei-Meng Lee photo Apparently this demo requires SQL Server Express 2005
        2005-05-26 21:28:34  Wei-Meng Lee | O'Reilly Author [View]

        Hi Mark:
        By default, web parts uses the SQL 2005 Express provider for data storage. To use SQL Server 2000, you need to do some work:

        1. Use the aspnet_regsql.exe tool located in
        C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50215\ to prepare SQL Server 2000. Essentially it will add the aspnetdb database.

        2. In Web.config, add the following:

        <add name="myconnstring"
        connectionString="Data Source=your_server_name;Initial Catalog=aspnetdb;Integrated Security=True"
        providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />


        <add name="SqlPersonalizationProvider"
        applicationName="/" />
        <deny users="*" verbs="enterSharedScope" />
        <allow users="*" verbs="modifyState" />

        That should work fine for you.

        Hope it helps.
        BTW, Firefox doesn't seem to work too well with Web parts.

        • Apparently this demo requires SQL Server Express 2005
          2007-04-19 22:17:30  shhhh [View]

          when i use this code in web.config,it gives following error:
          Parser Error Message: The provider 'SqlPersonalizationProvider' specified for the defaultProvider does not exist in the providers collection.

          Source Error:

          Line 129:
          Line 130: <webParts>
          Line 131: <personalization defaultProvider="SqlPersonalizationProvider">
          Line 132: <providers>
          Line 133: <clear/>

        • Firefox and AJAX capabilities for WebParts
          2006-07-23 22:55:48  dipg [View]

          Found this usercontrol on which provides a WebParts control to get AJAX capabilities and complete Firefox compatibility with no extra code.


        • Apparently this demo requires SQL Server Express 2005
          2006-01-21 14:08:59  thompson1022 [View]

          I have sql 2005 and was experiencing the same issue. This solution worked for me. Thank you very much.