Magnificent Seven: What's New for Users in QuickTime 7
Subject:   Pro Upgrade--Grr!
Date:   2005-05-19 02:42:35
From:   DerHeld
Response to: Pro Upgrade--Grr!

It is 39 EURO - and that is even more annoying, since 29US$ are about 20 EURO ...

another thing that annoys me (and also prevents me from upgrading to Tiger) is that I only need QT6, but when I upgrade to Tiger, I have to pay a third of the OS price over again, just to be able to save my movies again (which I could do before for free!)

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  • Pro Upgrade--Grr!
    2005-05-20 06:34:02  nosumo [View]

    oh get over it!
    • Pro Upgrade--Grr!
      2005-05-20 06:40:20  nosumo [View]

      oh and, after you've got over it, why don't you flame me?
      • Pro Upgrade--Grr!
        2005-05-25 04:01:19  DerHeld [View]

        why should I flame your ;-)

        but the annoying thing is not only QT - the hardware is almost the same (ok, a bit better) ... with QT it is just the most extreme example