Five Things I Love About Spring
Subject:   less config file is expected
Date:   2005-05-17 02:38:20
From:   He_Kun
I think configuration file is nessesary in Spring,Hibernate. But so many configuration files are not pure programming with java. And we have to learn how to use a new config file for a considerable time. Espesially hibernate config file make me headache whenever I see it.

It would be better if no config file exist any longer except for basic envirioment property file. :)
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  • less config file is expected
    2005-05-18 06:35:11  kelzer [View]

    If you start out by defining business objects in Java, then use Hibernate XDoclet tags to describte how those objects will be persisted, you can automatically generate that Hibernate config file and never have to manually touch it.

    You don't have to use a config file with Spring. You can do everything in Java code if you want to. But most developers feel the advantages of using Spring's XML config files justify their use.