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  Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   WinXP won't read disk
Date:   2005-05-16 15:08:18
From:   TechieFreak05
I have Mac OS 10.2.4 and WinXP recognizes the CD, but it says there are no files on it it, and in my DVD drive, it says the disk is not formatted, so i cant make it an ISO file, HELP LE!
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  • WinXP won't read disk
    2006-03-25 11:06:58  Techwiz3 [View]

    heres how i got around that, get yourslef a copy of MAC Drive 6. this programs will allow your pc to read a mac formatted disk, then use you favorite arciver ( i used winiso) to create the iso image file. there problem solved