The Geospatial Web: A Call to Action
Subject:   Where Am I? Protocol
Date:   2005-05-10 19:21:46
From:   brian.mcconnell
It seems to me that this problem can be partly addressed with a simple "where am I" protocol that works on the same principle as DHCP. No centralized infrastructure required. Just look for a WhereAmI service in the same way you look for a DHCP server, then ask it for some information. It would reply back with a set of elements that might include lat/long/altitude coordinates, perhaps along with some unstructured or semi-structured data (tags would be especially handy). Not perfect, but it should work well enough, and it can be deployed pretty quickly.
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  • Where Am I? Protocol
    2005-05-12 11:53:09  mnl [View]

    Ideally mobile carriers location service ought to work that way, but it doesn't.

    Meanwhile, the standard descriptions of location coordinates in 'unstructured or semi structured data" is likewise an unresolved issue that will most likely be handled by embedding appropriate descripting namespace pointers in xml location coordinate statements, thereby allowing multiple location syntaxes to co-exist harmoniously.

    - mike liebhold