What .NET Got Right
Subject:   re: *cough*
Date:   2002-02-12 10:48:19
From:   bjepson
Response to: *cough*

These are great points, and I agree with most of what you say. But you mention having to pick and choose your development environment, platform SDK, and libraries. I did not mean to imply that Visual Studio .NET is better than the various permutations you or I could come up with. My position is that, for many web development tasks, VS.NET eliminates the need to put all this stuff together yourself, and that's going to appeal to organizations who would rather buy than build.

That's not to say I think it's a better solution; personally, I believe that I could put together a superior solution using an open source framework any day. But I still think .NET is huge step forward for Microsoft.

Even if you don't accept the proposition that .NET is on par with J2EE, consider the possibility that .NET is a large step in the J2EE direction. In exchange for not assembling all the pieces yourself, you get that 20 percent of the features that you can use to build 80 percent of all web applications.

All I'm asking is, if the Sun ONE initiative is supposed to be an answer to .NET, why isn't Sun showcasing products that compare to Visual Studio .NET? Based on some of the responses from other readers, there are some great examples out there.

- Brian

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    2002-02-12 13:08:40  johnmunsch [View]

    In that context then, I agree with you. .NET is a huge step forward from their older material (I did only Windows web work until August 2000 myself so I left just before .NET was making its initial appearances). And your rule about 80-20 is one that I use myself often and I know it to be very true indeed.

    I can only hope that Sun does answer Microsoft's offerings with equally strong offerings gathered together and packaged to an extent that it seems equally appealing to those who still have to make decisions about their development future.