Three-Tier Development with PHP 5
Subject:   Not very infomative
Date:   2005-05-06 07:58:54
From:   lycruzc
Response to: Not very infomative

Excuse me, but you cannot say that is vague this article, for which I see You are a novice in PHP and does not know : The Framework PEAR, Smarty and the Development in Three Tier.
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  • Not very infomative
    2005-05-06 14:34:38  mattneedles [View]

    You haven't any idea as to who I'm, what I do or what I've achieved with Smarty and 3-tier architecture. I've successfully unplugged the DB from DB_DataObjects to use raw PHP functions for MySQL database access for improving performance on high-traffic sites.

    Forget about the PEAR framework, Smarty, 3-tier... how about the basic PHP? Advising another user to set:

    register_globals=OFF => register_globals= ON

    does not make you a guru in PHP in the first place.

    Here is the usage documentation on DB_DataObjects:

    I wonder who has approved your article on OnLamp.

    Excuse you!