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Subject:   death to rodents
Date:   2005-05-05 09:22:16
From:   salmagicpants
With the Windows machines at work, I've become quite accustomed to rarely (if ever) needing to use the mouse. Windows is, and always has been, very consistent with underlining the letter of the title that activates a specific function in menus. And aside from that, a single, simple tap of alt always brings you to the file menu in any windowed program. I really enjoy the level of two-button keystroke integration in Windows that still is sorely lacking in OS X. Sure, it does have some keystrokes (usually of the command- variety) but you still need to be mousing around quite a bit for full functionality.
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  • death to rodents
    2005-05-05 12:23:01  vtagle [View]

    Uh, actually, if you go to System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts, you can define keyboard shortcuts for accessing the menu, dock, etc. I think the default is control-F2. I'm not sure when this made it in, but it's in my Panther install.
    • death to rodents
      2005-05-06 09:27:25  salmagicpants [View]

      Still, its the standard level of integration and simplicity that its always had in windows that is great. ie: I could switch the computer I'm working on, and not have to change any preferences (because I might not have authorization to do so if say, its at work). As well, Windows recognizes the fact that you may have opened the start menu or windows explorer (etc.) from the keyboard, and appropriately shows the little underlines to serve as shortcuts to functions within those areas.
      Keystroke integration is just far superior in Windows than it is on those mice-pioneering macs.

Showing messages 1 through 2 of 2.