Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Part 2
Subject:   Great Article
Date:   2005-05-04 23:41:15
From:   smartduck
I'm liking Ruby and I like what you can do with Rails. Can't wait for more documentation to come out.

One weird thing I noticed though was when using:
ruby script\generate scaffold Recipe

It made it plural, as in it created the controller/model classes using the plural form Recipes. Doesn't that go against the naming convention?

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  • Great Article
    2005-09-08 08:56:56  MikeBlake [View]

    I noticed the same thing. IS there any doc on the scaffold generator? I never got it to work properly.
    • Great Article
      2005-09-10 10:14:19  MikeBlake [View]

      Got the scaffold generator working thanks to
      this (

      First, I started from a fresh rails app. The scaffold generator gets confused if you've already generated controllers.

      To avoid purals, specify the name of the controller :

      ruby script/generate scaffold Recipe recipe

      Lastly, use the -f option to force overwriting duplicated pages in additional runs:

      ruby script/generate scaffold Category category -f

      • Great Article
        2006-01-10 15:36:49  RichOnRails [View]

        Code generated by scaffold can be destroyed by generate's sibling "destroy" such as:

        ruby script/destroy scaffold Category category