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Subject:   interactive camera ?
Date:   2005-05-03 16:52:15
From:   Sham_B
Response to: interactive camera ?

Yes it would be possible.

Anything can be used to scale or reposition the camera... in the example, we use tweens, but you could just as easily use (say) an actionscript function that took input from the mouse position for panning and mouse drag (eg drag the mouse up-down) for zooming.

If enough people have a use for this and request it, I'll even write and post the code. Im guessing it would be useful to allow the user to make their own directors cut out of an animation, perhaps saving their camera positions into a shared object, or in making parts of an animation interactive.


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  • interactive camera ?
    2008-01-17 21:05:23  jn_casanova [View]

    I could make great use of an interactive camera too!!!

    The way I'm making that right now is creating buttons which scale symbols and the symbols have a drag option to pan the camera, but the interactive camera would be a great solution!
  • interactive camera ?
    2007-01-15 00:17:55  Black_Vapor [View]

    This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm currently working on an interactive animation that will require you to zoom in on different areas while other things are going on. Having the camera work here is great.. but I'd like to have the user be able to zoom in and out and move the camera around for a more interactive feel.
  • interactive camera ?
    2005-10-20 11:37:56  Murk280 [View]

    I could most definately use that interactive camera tool. Not sure if you ever actually made it and posted it, but if you did, I'd love to have the link...
  • interactive camera ?
    2005-10-08 12:08:34  chrisinja [View]

    Just saw this thread, am very interested to know if such a solution exist. Real time using camera for a yard. Very interested for any link/info