Adventures in Migrating to New Linux Distributions
Subject:   Reporting bugs
Date:   2005-05-02 16:50:12
From:   oisinfeeley
I can't see where you reported that after paying for Red Hat ES3 you used the support available from Red Hat. Also I can't see where you posted your bug in Bugzilla. I'm sure if you'd done the latter then someone would have been all over it. Here's the result of the search I did for Enterprise Server 3 and Oracle

Bugzilla search results

It would be useful to add "report bugs to your distro" to the list of recommendations. Who knows, maybe other people know _exactly_ what your problem is because they fixed it on their own and didn't report the bugs back to their distro maintainers?

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  • Reporting bugs
    2005-05-02 18:46:16  Kevin Farnham | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    A very good point. I did not report the problem. But, you are quite correct: as users of "free" software, it really is our duty to document and report the problems we notice.

    Users of open source software are the final QA team. In this case documented in this article, by the time the problem was noticed, other work priorities loomed, resulting in my moving on to the next step.