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Subject:   Project builder won't start
Date:   2002-02-08 12:41:16
From:   wcostain
I am having troubles getting project builder to start. When I try to open it I get a zoom rect and then nothing. Looking at the console tells me the following:

dyld: /Developer/Applications/Project Builder can't open library: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/JavaKit.framework/Versions/A/JavaKit (No such file or directory, errno = 2)

I looked in the directory stated for the file JavaKit, and no it is not there. I have reinstalled the developer tools to no avail. Can you suggest anything?


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  • Project builder won't start
    2002-05-14 09:06:51  mbreum [View]

    Thank form me also, had the same problem..
    It's very wierd: I tried to Reinstall Both DEvTools and the ENTIRE OS X with no luck... However installing onto another HD in my computer did the job; here the JavaKit framework gets installed allrigt, and Projectbuilder will run. However I wanted it to run off of the original HD so I did a 3th reinstall.. still the same.. those files missing and Projectbuilder would not launch!

    Now I try this solution using pacifist!

    Pass this info on to Apple.
    • Project builder won't start
      2005-07-27 17:22:36  rustyday [View]

      I had this problem and here's what I tried -- and it worked. First I logged in as root, and trashed the developer folder (you have to be root to do this). Then I created a new Administrator account and logged in as him. Then I reinstalled DevTools, restarted, and that was it.