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  Miguel on Mono
Subject:   Miguel on Mono
Date:   2002-02-08 12:36:07
From:   javadelp
I really question the direction and move for this.. Why do we need a C#/NET thingy for Linux?

Java is more than capable of providing anything DOT Net has. It is better, much more mature, and proven, while DOT NET is a MS dream.

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  • Miguel on Mono
    2002-02-09 03:36:03  justinthyme [View]

    Why? Because has the capability of steamrolling just about anything they do into popular acceptance by the business world. Because not building interoperablity between Linux and Microsoft is a very good way to get flattened by that steamroller.

    Microsoft has been very successful at coopting ideas and methods first developed in the Open Source community. Perhaps it is about time that the Open Source community look at coopting some certain successes that Microsoft is brewing.