Virtual Hosts, mod_rendezvous_apple, and Apache on Mac OS X
Subject:   Don't forget the firewall!
Date:   2005-04-28 16:41:23
From:   squareman
I ran round and round trying to figure out what I was doing wrong in following the instructions when I couldn't access my virtual hosts from any other computers on my LAN. Turns out I didn't do anything wrong... I just had to open my firewall for the corresponding ports that are to be used (9000-9009 in my case). This article failed to mention that and most folks are going to have their firewalls on by default.
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  • Don't forget the firewall!
    2006-03-01 09:33:18  Andrew_Montague [View]

    Thanks. That was the step I've been missing for the last two days.