Building Cocoa-Java Apps with Eclipse
Subject:   Unclear from the beginning
Date:   2005-04-28 07:50:29
From:   davidvoo
Hi there,

I assumed this article cover XCode 1.5. At first, after build the project, I assumed the said "build" directory (build/ refers to Targets > TextEdit > Bundle Resources > InfoPlist.strings?



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  • Sorry, my apology
    2005-04-28 08:44:16  davidvoo [View]

    Hi there,

    Eventually I am mistaken the location of the file.

    Now when I tried to run Debug as shown to catch the breakpoint, I hit error of:

    Failed to connect to remote VM, connection refused.

    Whats wrong?
  • Unclear from the beginning
    2005-04-28 08:31:37  mikebutler1 [View]

    Hi david,

    It refers to the actual Info.plist file which is inside the Contents folder of the newly built application.

    "Instead of writing an Info.plist by hand, simply build the project and take the Info.plist from the newly produced app in the build folder (build/"

    This simply means, build TextEdit with XCode. Then using the Finder, go inside the Contents folder of the newly built application bundle. There you will find a completed Info.plist which you can take a copy of - rather than trying to write it by hand.