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Subject:   BetterHTMLExport Tip
Date:   2002-02-07 14:21:46
From:   lichme5000
Response to: BetterHTMLExport Tip

Actually, you link back to the index page by clicking on the photo itself, so while it's not immediately obvious, that functionality is provided.
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  • BetterHTMLExport Tip
    2002-02-07 14:49:59  ethanbrand [View]

    Exactly! Figures, someone beat me to the punch. So all you'd have to do is include a text instruction, rather than HTML, in the comment field (or edit the template). Now, can anyone figure out how to get the album comments to appear on the page?
    • BetterHTMLExport Tip
      2002-02-07 15:17:37  ethanbrand [View]

      In the ..Contents:Resources:English.lproj folder is a file called "imagePages.plist". Change the file type to .txt, open in text editor, scroll to the bottom and add "Click on the picture to return to the gallery." (or whatever you want to say) to the line shown below:

      Click on the picture to return to the gallery.

      Save the file and change the extension back to ".plist". Voila! Instructions built into every image page.
      • BetterHTMLExport Tip - quick note
        2002-02-07 15:22:30  ethanbrand [View]

        Note: the lines of code I displayed in the previous message will look a little different because the "<" and ">" are < and > for those who don't know HTML.
        • BetterHTMLExport Tip - doh!
          2002-02-07 15:26:11  ethanbrand [View]

          Argh...........hopefully you understand what I meant by that last post. Grrrr - wrong quotes.......
          • Derrick Story photo BetterHTMLExport Tip - Imagine that
            2002-02-08 01:04:45  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

            Wow, I would have never thought to click on the picture to return to the index page, but it does work as advertised. I should have looked closer at the html. I like the ensuing tip for adding instructions.

            I have to say that I'm really getting a lot of use out of this plugin -- it has made iPhoto much more valuable to me ...