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Subject:   Show Image script file
Date:   2002-02-07 13:34:09
From:   lichme5000
Yes, the show image script file is a nifty little script, but it is (imho) wholly unnecessary if Apple was willing to make a relatively minor improvement to iPhoto (and, for that matter, iTunes). I _really_ want the ability to delete photos from my hard drive for ever and ever from within iPhoto. Since it is supposed to be the best way to organize digital photos, it stands to reason that it is also the BEST way to delete them. It annoys me to no end that it doesn't allow me to do that. I just want a simple check box in my preferences that says "delete file from hard drive when I delete from library". That way, you're not left with countless crappy pictures on your HD that you don't want cluttering your library. This feature is even more necessary in iTunes, since it doesn't tie users to a specific library of mp3 files. Yes, I know it is possible to locate the mp3 file on the hard drive using the get info feature in iTunes, but that's just massively annoying.

I'm evangelizing here. Can I get a witness?

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  • Derrick Story photo Show Image script file -- I second that
    2002-02-08 00:55:17  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Yeah, you're so right.

    Deleting an image in iPhoto only removes its ugly face from the library listing, not from the hard drive itself. Hmmm. So now I have all these creepy dark images living down there with the dragons eating up HD space.

    A fix is definitely on my iPhoto wish list.
    • Adam Engst photo Show Image script file -- I second that
      2002-02-09 15:00:15  Adam Engst | O'Reilly Author [View]

      Umm, have you tested this? Deleting an image from the Photo Library (as opposed to an album) does indeed remove it from the hard disk, at least on my Mac. Try the following:

      * Duplicate an image.

      * Figure out the duplicate's filename (actually a number. Double-clicking to open it in another application for editing, as set in the Preferences window, is an easy way to do this if you don't have the Show in Finder script).

      * Do a Sherlock search for the filename. You should find a couple of items in the iPhoto hierarchy starting with that number (a data file, a thumbnail, and the original, at least).

      * Switch back to iPhoto and delete the image from within the Photo Library.

      * Switch back to Sherlock and perform the same search. Every time I repeat these steps, all the files found in the previous search are gone.

      cheers.... -Adam
      • Show Image script file -- I second that
        2002-02-10 18:01:52  ethanbrand [View]

        Agreed. My photo files seem to be deleted as well when I delete from iPhoto. Same goes for iTunes. Command-Delete in iTunes will give you a prompt about moving the file to the trash - answer yes and that mp3 is history.
        • Show How to really delete the image...
          2002-04-04 12:02:04  batesc [View]

          How to delete an image and get rid of it from your HDD depends on where you delete it FROM. In iPhoto, if you are in Organize view and are working from the Photo Library list or the Last Import list, and you delete photos, they are completely removed from your system (i.e. they disappear from iPhoto views and the image files are deleted from your hard drive - you get msg "Are you sure you want to permanently remove the selected photo..."). However, if you are working from an album list and delete a photo, all it does is to remove the reference to the picture from the album list (i.e. the image stays on your hard drive and is still in your Photo Library). I think you'l find iTunes works in the same way the respect to deleting tunes from the Library view versus deleting them from within a playlist view.
          This explanation makes sense of the conflicting postings in this conversation thread, and suggests that Apple have already provided a decent level of delete functionality.
          • Show How to really delete the image...
            2004-12-22 19:32:18  vprice [View]

            I had a strange experience today. I created several new albums, and placed photos in them from my last import. Then I deleted them from my last import, and was left with one more cluster of photos, and higlighted all of those and dragged them to another folder. But in the act of dragging, something happened, and some of the other photos that I had just placed in albums--including the last photo of a friend who just died-- vanished. Those albums were totally empty. No message popped up warning me that they would be totally remove. But I can't find the photos--they are gone from last import and the photo library itself!
            Any ideas about retrieving them?