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Subject:   some advice..
Date:   2005-04-21 10:08:38
From:   monkeyt
Response to: some advice..

About IE for Mac, abandon it. Bad, bad, bad. There are utilities out there to activate the 'Debug' menu in Safari, which gives you the option of swapping the browser's User-Agent string, letting Safari identify itself to servers as just about any browser out there. It won't magically fix badly written javascript, but it will get you past most asinine 'IE Only' javascript traps. (The Debug menu also provides other nifty features)
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  • some advice..
    2005-04-21 13:24:49  epeacock [View]

    I agree, get away from IE. It's been dumped. Windows had it's current version frozen too until Firefox and security issues pressured them to update it with XP SP2.

    A lot of sites that require IE really don't, they just have bad detection (ugh). As a web guy I really get steamed by such sites. It's not that hard to write compatible web sites - you just have to know what you're doing. Yes, there are going to be Active X sites that will just not work even with a spoof like the Debug menu in Safari, but a lot of them will work.

    Also, the 10.3.9 update that just came out boosts Safari JS support and speed quite a bit (~35% increase for page rendering). It's worth getting as it also fixes a ton of other things like the speed of HTTPS sites.
  • some advice..
    2005-04-21 12:52:58  ghiebert [View]

    I think this will do it. From a Terminal window:

    defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1