Miguel on Mono
Subject:   I'm ditching GNOME if it happens!
Date:   2002-02-05 12:05:31
From:   svoropay
If Mono is becoming an integral part of GNOME, then goobye GNOME and hello KDE!
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  • I'm ditching GNOME if it happens!
    2002-02-08 09:58:13  elanthis [View]


    Do you have *any* reason for this? Mono has no code from MS. The license (X11) is the same license your XFree86 server is under, so don't try to say you refuse to run X11-licensed code. Besides, there are many perl-GTK apps, and Perl is not GPL.

    I'm imagining the only reason you are saying this is because Mono is based on a small portion of what Microsoft calls .NET, and you don't want to run anything designed by Microsoft.

    Mono is only based on the standardized parts of .NET. Mono runs no MS code. Mono cannot be controlled by Microsoft - if Microsoft tries anything funny, Mono will simply cease being compatible with Microsoft, which would basically mean the same thing as if we created our own technology anyways.

    And in any event, if you are avoiding everything Microsoft, you had better get rid of all your CD drives (Microsoft holds a patent on some part of the firmware in all CD drives, as I read anyways).

    Please, tho, before you start spreading FUD and hate for GNOME, try understanding what you're talking about first. There is plenty of documentation describing Mono, licensing, Microsoft compatibility/interoperability, and every other question you might have, at, if you would actually bother to read it.
    • I'm ditching GNOME if it happens!
      2002-02-11 11:01:13  jonogden [View]


      Because he brain-strained to learn Java and is now faced with the possibility that .NET is going to do to Java what MS-DOS did to CP/M.

      • I'm ditching GNOME if it happens!
        2002-02-21 23:08:49 [View]

        Maybe I'm missing the point here, but do any of you work for a commerical company? Because my clients don't care weather its MS or Linux or .NET or Java. As long as what I give them works, is scalable, reliable and cost-effective they are happy regardless of what I code in. And I code in whatever is required by the situation. I must be missing something pretty big here.

        • I'm ditching GNOME if it happens!
          2002-06-02 12:12:44  xopaulox [View]

          You're not missing anything... just brainless FUD.