Weblog:   Graying MySQL, and MySQL learns a second language (early conference report )
Subject:   MySQL is VHS to Postgresql's Beta though
Date:   2005-04-19 07:25:17
From:   merlyn
I'm really sad to see so many people still pushing MySQL, which was definitely the right choice in 2000, and skipping over PostgreSQL, which has become the superior choice in the last few years. {sigh}

Once again, because of marketing, the marketplace loses.

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  • How Vague the "Superior"!
    2005-04-19 08:56:23  chromatic | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Once, I saw someone writing a small, single-user application to manage recipes. He used MySQL. "My word, man!" I said. "You need updatable views, triggers, transaction logs, and hot-swappable disks! What if by some quantum miracle you split into multiple users and try to update the database simultaneously? What if you sell this application to a bank sometime? Don't you care about the data integrity of customer financial transactions?"

    Sadly, he didn't listen.

  • John W. Adams photo MySQL is to DW what PostgreSQL is to OLTP
    2005-04-19 08:05:48  John W. Adams | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I agree with you fifty percent, merlyn. PostgreSQL is the clear choice over MySQL for any sort of OLTP. Only now is MySQL adding features which are needed for OLTP.

    However, those same features are of little or no value to MySQL as a DW platform--they're cruft. Why in the world would a properly designed data warehouse require triggers?

    I understand why every RDBMS is now adding such featurs--after all, Oracle has them, so everyone else needs them, too. I wouldn't use Oracle for a DW on a bet, though. It's not capable of scaling to a sufficient size for a large enterprise, and it's not a good vslue for a smaller business. I do understand why MySQL, partnering with SAP, might feel the need to match Oracle feature for feature.

    That's a shame. MySQL is built nicely for high performance in the DW space. Adding views was absolutely necessary, and even updatable views have their place. (Last year, I had to use updatable views to get around an incredibly stupid, incredibly popular etl product's inability to do what we needed.) But most of what MySQL has picked up in database features is unuseful for DW.

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