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Weblog:   MySQL Con: Data Warehousing With MySQL
Subject:   Of course you're right
Date:   2005-04-19 04:53:14
From:   adamsj
But I'm curious--was my guess that he might de-emphasis the open source tools surrounding the warehouse and put more emphasis on MySQL proper a good one?

And don't miss Magoulas' talk--the last I saw of him after it was Ashenfelter buttonholing him and saying, "Man, I want to talk to you," or words to that effect.

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  • Derek J. Balling photo Of course you're right
    2005-04-19 08:40:26  Derek J. Balling | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Yeah, I think it was the right way to go about it. He mentioned basically that there's any number of reporting tools you might be using to access the database itself, but what's really important is that the foundation - the DB itself - is sound. From that, it simply becomes a presentation issue. (severely paraphrased).

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