Designing a Fully Scalable Application
Subject:   How scaleable is it?
Date:   2005-04-17 20:54:20
From:   stephengraham

It looks to me that the scaleability of this design is limited by the capacity of the "Dispatch Mediator" and the GUI clients ability to cope with messages for all clients. I'd expect that a client would be able to disgard a message not intended for it very quickly, but there is still a limit to how many it can do this too in a given time. The weakness of the of the "Dispatch Mediator" is that it's a bottleneck for all messages.

Am I missing something, or is this how you also see the limitations of this design?

Stephen Graham.

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  • Amir Shevat photo How scaleable is it?
    2005-04-18 00:21:23  Amir Shevat | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    It is important to understand that the "Dispatch Mediator" is based on JMS topic while “Stage Mediator” is based on JMS queue, the question is now when do we use queue (p2p) and when do we use topic (pub-sub). In the example in the article I wanted to use them both, I did not consider getting redundant information in the GUI side as a problem, in a real world scenario it might be better to have a stage for each GUI and let the engine queue the information in those stages.
    You can look at p2p and pub-sub like TCP point to point connection versus UDP multicast, both are a good tool to solve a problem , if you know the limitations and advantages of both you know when and where to use each of them.
    Amir Shevat