Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   htaccess
Date:   2002-02-01 23:10:54
From:   olt001
I bought OS X specifically to run an Apache server from my desk top. I want to use it to mirror a commerical server, also Apache.

I have two questions. How can I point to a different folder as the htdocs folder?

Second, can I run htaccess on this Apache server? If so, how do I do it.


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  • Morbus Iff photo htaccess
    2002-02-03 13:15:15  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    1) To point to a different folder, it's an easy task of just changing the relevant <Directory> location within your httpd.conf file. You can find more about that in part two of the series.

    2) I cover .htaccess files in the fourth part of my series (you'd do yourself well to familiarize yourself with Part Two and Three as well, which are linked to from Part 4):