Adventures in Migrating to New Linux Distributions
Subject:   Things I would have done differently
Date:   2005-04-09 07:45:23
From:   cyber_rigger
I would have used debian sarge (testing)
instead of woody (stable).

You don't need jigdo
if there is already an installation CD.

Here are the network install CDs for sarge.

For i386 you wil probably want this iso

After you are installed then edit /etc/apt/sources.list
and change each word "testing" to "sarge"
(most debian mirrors recognize either name).

This will allow you to stay with sarge
even when sarge becomes offically "stable".

The network install CD is dead simple.

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  • Things I would have done differently
    2005-04-09 08:04:07  cyber_rigger [View]

    IIRC the sarge installer CD just lists the "main" packages

    If you also want "contrib" and "non-free" and "non-US"
    your /etc/apt/sources.list should look something like this:

    deb sarge main contrib non-free
    deb sarge/non-US main contrib non-free

    To add/remove packages use the text based "dselect".

    To configure a bunch of stuff at once use "tasksel".

    Once you have your GUI going use "synaptic".

    If you need to tweak X use (from console as root)

    dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86