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  Form Your Own Design Pattern Study Group
Subject:   Just starting such an idea.
Date:   2005-04-07 13:15:11
From:   leejoramo
I just ordered Head First Design Patterns at the suggestion of a friend who said we should work through the book together. He is in Seattle, WA and I am in Grand Junction, CO so we will be doing this study group online. We are planning to invite other friends and colleagues.
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  • Just starting such an idea.
    2005-05-30 04:27:34  adourable [View]

    If you allow strangers to be part of your grup, I would love to join it and discuss.
    My e-mail Id is: enjoywithdaman-java@yahoo.co.in
    I would love to get an invitation from the group.

    Damandeep Thakur
    • Just starting such an idea.
      2005-08-24 01:47:19  Jackar [View]

      I would like to join the group also. My e-mail: jackar@epf.pl.
  • Just starting such an idea.
    2005-04-08 10:38:55  alexmcferron [View]

    I don't know if you guys are interested in opening your discussion to strangers, but if you are, I'm interested.

    I sent this article around at my job and there wasn't a lot of interest. However, I'd love to start a group or be in a group that worked through this book.

    • Just starting such an idea.
      2005-04-09 11:48:50  JasonDamianUs [View]

      I'd like to get involved... lets do it. Read about the first four chapters.

      • Eric Freeman photo Love to hear how it goes
        2005-04-10 08:44:20  Eric Freeman | O'Reilly Author [View]

        Please keep us up to date on how it goes. We'd also love to hear about anything we can do in future editions to help study groups!

        • Love to hear how it goes
          2005-04-11 07:34:47  SeshuV [View]

          Hi all,
          it's a nice idea to form a group. I would be interested in joining such a group.

          • Group on Orkut
            2007-03-01 22:29:48  ivix [View]

            Hey how about starting a Design Pattern group on orkut.
            • Group on Orkut
              2007-03-05 15:16:20  gth2 [View]

              I'd be willing to start a group. Do you think we can do it online or are you trying to start a group in your town?