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  Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   template missing
Date:   2005-04-01 13:09:09
From:   CPark
After trying to modify the recipes controller with

@recipes = Recipe.find_all

I get the following error:

Missing template ./script/../config/..//app/views//recipe/list.rhtml

I think I've done everything according to the script.

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  • template missing
    2005-04-27 11:56:07  bleers [View]

    I have the same incident as you have.
    I'm running ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32].

    Keep on waiting on an answer..?
    • Curt Hibbs photo template missing
      2005-04-27 13:11:57  Curt Hibbs | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      Try this... In part 2 of this article, I provided a link to the complete source code for part 1. You can download it from this URL:


      Grab that code and see if it runs. If it does, compare it to what you've got to see what the difference is.
      • template missing
        2005-04-29 00:30:11  bleers [View]

        My incident (newbie mistake) all had to do with the file extension off the list.rhtml file. It hadn't the file-extension RHTML, but HTML.. As it was saved with the filename "list.rhtml" with extension HTML.

        Some suggestions for the VIm (vi) editor settings to create valid RHTML and RB files?