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Subject:   Clarifications on JMETER
Date:   2005-03-31 20:18:32
From:   Login_sattish
Response to: Clarifications on JMETER

Hi Arun,

Loadrunner supports T3 protocol.We are testing a similiar application with Swing as client hitting J2EE servers.I am not sure whether JMeter supports T3 protocol need to probe JMeter.Its a open source tool.Try configuring the Sampler java request to query the application for t3 protocol.

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  • Clarifications on JMETER
    2006-06-01 08:36:46  amit4amity [View]

    Hi Satish,

    I am also facing same music. I have java swing application (client-server). This application is launched by clicking a jnlp file located at a machine.

    I understand from your reply to Arun that Java Request sampler can be used for tetsing swing application. But lets say I am on login page of application, how can I pass login/password to application using JMeter.