Perspectives on the Shared Source Initiative
Subject:   Open source Interix!
Date:   2005-03-28 06:07:35
From:   Resuna
If there's one major product that would truly benefit the Open Source community and Microsoft both it's Interix. There's a huge amount of Open Source code in it to begin with, and the core Microsoft component... the old Posix subsystem... seems to have been pretty close to jettisoning when Steve Walli and the rest of the Softway Systems mob picked it up and made it real., I see a great need...

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  • Open source Interix!
    2005-03-28 13:50:47  stephenrwalli [View]

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure if the new SFU team inside Msft still tracks the aliases. A useful place to register your idea and interest is at the InterOp Systems Interix toolsite:

    The discussion around open source and Interix still arises from time to time.
    • GeNToo
      2005-04-01 12:02:56  Resuna [View]

      Holy mother of Disney, I hope this isn't a hoax: