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Subject:   Juan es muy guapo
Date:   2002-01-29 23:05:44
From:   hayne
"[1] Bonus points to those who figure out the tenuous connection between this and the Hitchhiker trilogy joke."

Could it possibly be related to the first woman on Earth?

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  • Morbus Iff photo Juan es muy guapo
    2002-01-30 04:33:07  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Nope, not even close :) ...
    • Juan es muy guapo
      2002-01-31 14:27:38  girl_intin_oss [View]

      The "Hitchhiker's Guide" is a trilogy but there are five books in total. This series was originally planned as a trilogy but now has extended beyond that too. Will it stop at five like the "Hitchhiker's Guide" or will it go on? ;)
      • Morbus Iff photo Juan es muy guapo
        2002-01-31 14:45:50  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]


        Have you heard that they discovered a *sixth* book on Adam's computer, after he died? Could this be a foreshadowing? HmmmMmmm. ;)