SwarmStream: A Next-Generation HTTP Stack for Java
Subject:   Minor typos
Date:   2005-03-24 12:08:08
From:   SeanYunt
Your constants "ALPHA" and "BETA" are in lowercase in your example code.

Otherwise this was a really great article. Our system has been plagued with a variety of outgoing HTTP issues. We've jumped between implementations and each time had to work around behavioral differences.


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  • Minor typos
    2005-03-28 10:13:45  Ry4an [View]

    Yikes, you're right. I'll see what I can do about getting those corrected. Thanks for your careful reading. Let me know how SwarmStream Public Edition works in your app.
  • Minor typos
    2005-03-24 12:09:26  SeanYunt [View]

    s/BETA/BRAVO - that'll teach me to point out mistakes =(