Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   httpd.conf owned by root
Date:   2002-01-29 16:09:22
From:   tanderson4
Response to: httpd.conf owned by root

Thanks. I know about running sudo from the terminal window, and I guess that would allow me to edit the file using a terminal editor like emacs or vi. Using sudo doesn't extend privileges outside of the terminal session, does it? (I have lots to learn about the Unix side of OS X!) I actually have BBEdit 6.5 on order. I'll download the demo version until the real version arrives and give it another try. Thanks for the feedback.
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  • BBEdit 6.5 much nicer
    2002-01-29 23:03:12  tanderson4 [View]

    You're right. Things work much more smoothly with BBEdit 6.5. No problems with permissions now. Thanks!