Building Modular Applications with Seppia
Subject:   Does seppia work on mac os x, or unix?
Date:   2005-03-23 21:01:39
From:   saladspinner
I would really love to try out this seppia, but I run into "NoClassDefFound" problems when I follow the instructions in the article, as well as the "Getting Started" instructions on the site.

(Yes, my classpath is set, and the JAVA_HOME environment variable is defined, although it would appear that that's not necessary from the article's instructions.)

> Note: the instructions here assume you are a Windows user.
> This is mainly a convenience to keep the writing concise. It
> should be quite easy to adapt the paths in these instructions
> to other systems.

However, the seppia website, under known bugs, states:

> Seppia does not work on Linux.
> There is no workaround for this. Unfortunately this is due
> to some incorrect code for manipulating URL strings being
> too system dependent. It will be fixed in the next release.

Should I expect that seppia will not work on mac os x (10.3.8, with jvm 1.4.2)?

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  • Does seppia work on mac os x, or unix?
    2005-03-24 11:52:02  lorenzop [View]

    Please don't give up yet. The latest version of
    Seppia (1.0.1) has been just released to address these issues. Give it a go.
    • Does seppia work on mac os x, or unix?
      2005-03-24 20:59:35  saladspinner [View]

      Just downloaded seppia 1.0.1 and followed the entire tutorial without a hitch. Nice work! Thanks for the bug fix. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I played around with mozilla, but couldn't quite grok RDF enough to make it work. This looks MUCH more approachable.

      Time to play! Can't wait!