Movies Made Easy in iPhoto 5
Subject:   all good information but what about exporting movies?
Date:   2005-03-23 11:40:37
From:   smkolins
But iPhoto 5 has almost no ability to export movies! All I can find is burn to CD and use Homepage which forces you online back to your .Mac account using only Apple's interface. I do use my .Mac account but don't particularly like the Apple pages. Instead I export to web and edit alittle past that - though BetterHTMLExport can handle most of that. But not the movies!!

Any ideas?

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  • all good information but what about exporting movies?
    2005-06-26 09:03:14  SkydiverTak [View]

    In the past, I've had to resort to iViewMediaPro in order to publish a page with movies and photos. Unfortunately, it now costs lots of $$, but if you can get an earlier version like 1.5, it's pretty useful.

    Also, putting it into another library management tool often requires duplication of the files, which can take up a lot of space unfortunately.

    I guess someone needs to write a hack to allow movies to allow the general export menu, and to ensure that these movies are listed.
  • Derrick Story photo RE: what about exporting movies?
    2005-03-23 12:53:00  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Well, not quite sure I get your drift here.

    If you build the movie the way I described in the article, and saved it to your desktop, then it's already "exported." All you have to do then is put it on your server, drop it on to a CD, or add it to an iDVD project.

    iPhoto, at this stage, enables you to catalog, sort, rate, etc. But QuickTime Pro still does all the heavy lifting for editing, encoding, etc.
    • RE: what about exporting movies?
      2005-04-17 10:31:37  smkolins [View]

      Yes - there are ways to export movies - but not through web pages which seems simple enough. If you export to web you get the first frame of the mpg file but to actually have a link to the movie you need to hand alter the coding and add the movie itself (like make a movies folder, then make links back to the movie in question.)

      iPhoto takes care of pictures so well it would be nice for it to handle the movies as well. Even if Quicktime does the heavy lifting there is far more integration of these little movies all digital cameras handle. One little one I ran across was that you could easily rotate a movie as well as a picture - it's burried in the quicktime player!