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  Miguel de Icaza Explains How to "Get" Mono
Subject:   Other language support?
Date:   2005-03-22 09:02:55
From:   simon_hibbs
Response to: Other language support?

Iron Python is what you're looking for:


It targets both .NET and Mono, but is still in the early stages of development.

Simon Hibbs

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  • Other language support?
    2005-03-23 07:40:05  Seanairt [View]

    I completely agree. One reason I have to date avoided Mono is because I haven't even heard a whisper in the community for supporting C++/CLI. Until Mono forms a community of active C++ developers to target the CLI, I will continue to write my software using alternative platforms.
    • Other language support?
      2005-03-25 06:34:27  rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com [View]


      Now that gcc got a new intermediate representation that is more flexible, we think that it may be possible to have a backend targetting CLI, in that way, all fine gcc front-end including C/C++/Fortran/etc. may be able to be used to program for Mono.

      Also the main reason we didn't tackle the C++/CLI issue was that MS did it wrong the first time, by mixing native code with fully managed (bytecode) code, that is SIMPLY NOT PORTABLE. Now they've come with a better solution, but surely, the needed language extensions means your old code isn't readily reusable anyway.

      Also, as Miguel said, with Platform/Invoke (similar but much simpler to use than Java's JNI) we can call most native libraries, even in a cross-platform way if the API is preserved among native implementations of the library.

      So if you just want to reuse some C++ code in a new Mono-based solution it is easy.

      Having written and mantained some million or so lines of C/C++ code in my career I can say that I prefer C# every single day.
  • Other language support?
    2005-03-23 06:27:12  gbraad [View]

    Jim Hugunin, the programmer behind IronPython, now works for Microsoft. So at the moment, no one is really actively programming for this project. it is quite unsure if anyone will ever resume to do so.

    anyone, what about making the parrot on top of CLR?!? or make Cocoa# also work with GNUstep.
    • Other language support?
      2005-03-23 10:07:16  tomvons [View]

      IronPython 0.7 was just released.
    • Other language support?
      2005-03-23 07:26:38  xet7 [View]

      There already have been some updates to
      IronPython by Andy Somogyi:
      • Other language support?
        2005-05-07 10:10:29  jony [View]

        Yes , you're right