Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   Apache to Classic
Date:   2002-01-28 10:51:59
From:   fallenaristocrat
Can I run Classic and IE in Classic (not in OSX) and connect to the Apache server.

I tried and got kernal panic - I actually had to restart OSX for the first time

REASONS - I want to develop in shockwave
(Director) and theres no plug-in for OSX yet.


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  • Morbus Iff photo Apache to Classic
    2002-01-28 11:16:00  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    I coulda swore Macromedia just came out with Shockwave for OS X - be sure to check on that one.

    As for the Classic to OS X, yes, you can, but you may have to use your actual IP address when trying to view the pages.

    Since Classic is an emulator, it might get its own "localhost" and "" -- different than the "localhost" and "" used by OS X. In that case, if you were in Classic IE and tried either of those, it'd look for a Classic server, and not the one you have running under OS X.
    • Apache to Classic
      2002-01-29 08:44:05  fallenaristocrat [View]

      >>Macromedia just came out with Shockwave for OS X.

      I checked. You're right it's just out.

      Director for OSX next? - if so quite a coup.