Build an iTunes Remote Control
Subject:   Doesn't work
Date:   2005-03-19 15:36:44
From:   ptwobrussell
Response to: Doesn't work

Ampersand is "&" --the thing that's in the usage line that sets the script to run in the background. It's a standard terminal thing.

Try skipping the ampersand for now. Just get the script to run. If you run the script and it keeps your prompt, it's running. Open up another terminal window and go about doing other things. When you're satisfied that things are running, you can use the ampersand and have one less window open.


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  • Doesn't work
    2005-03-19 15:58:12  Cool6324 [View]

    Works great, I just restarted and it ran script again, works good. Will this automatically work after a restart?

    BTW, I'm using a Motorola i730, Nextel, with basic WAP service. Works nice.

    TIP: When you want to use the same command more than once, ie. Fast Foward it's better to use the reload button.

    And last, THANKZ!!! I also learned alot about the way the terinmal works.