Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   index.shtml not showing results of cgi script
Date:   2002-01-27 09:50:55
From:   pattyb777
Thank you so much for this article - it is exactly what I needed! I'm learning Perl on Unix - didn't even know I had apache on my Mac! I am definately buying your book tomorrow.

I followed all the steps, but when I bring up index.shtml in the browser, it just says "Gleefully Served by Mac OS X" - no environmental info is printed. When I look at cgi-bin/test-cgi in the browser, it does show the environmental info.

I did enable cgi in the httpd.conf, and saved it. I turned off Web Sharing, and then turned it back on. I even managed to gain root access to do all this.

Am I missing something?


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  • I found another resolve
    2002-02-15 19:54:28  orleck [View]

    if you use bbedit or pico, go to /etc/httpd/users/
    and then what ever your user is, you will find
    that same line up as b4, just add "includes" to that file, and it should work, I had the same problem, but thats what I did. Tell me if it helps
  • had same problem
    2002-01-31 04:30:38  kevinmclean1 [View]

    my problem was because I put "Includes" in the directory called only <Directory/>. I scrolled much further down in the file (through a bunch of comments) and found "<Directory "/Library/WebServer/Documents">" When I put the includes in there everything worked fine. Thanks for a great article.
    • had same problem
      2002-02-02 12:52:04  pattyb777 [View]


      That was it - I did the same thing! It is working now. Thanks to both of you!

  • Morbus Iff photo index.shtml not showing results of cgi script
    2002-01-28 11:12:36  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    The actual feature that you're using that's failing is SSI's, so I would very carefully check over everything in the second page of the article to make sure things are all right.

    When you reload the index.shtml page in the browser, and you don't see the CGI results, what do you see in a "view source"? If you see the SSI line I talked about including, then you've not got SSI turned on properly.