Exploring the Mac OS X Firewall
Subject:   Slight error
Date:   2005-03-17 01:01:12
From:   peterhickman
Response to: Slight error

You are correct, I am using the term 'state-full' incorrectly here. What I wanted to get across was that ipfw did have a memory of previous connections and could recognise a packet as belonging to an already established / permitted connection.

Having said that 'state-full' does have a technical meaning in regards to firewalls an missusing it isn't going to help anybody.

Thanks again for the correction.

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  • Slight error
    2006-02-04 15:51:27  sumbach [View]

    This still isn't quite right. Using your rules, ipfw doesn't have any memory at all--it's using the TCP flags to determine whether the connection is established or not.

    A stateful ipfw ruleset will always contain at least one rule with the 'check-state' action and at least one rule with the 'keep-state' option. ipfw's "memory" is in the form of dynamic rules.