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  The Debate Over Java Data Objects
Subject:   Castor JDO?
Date:   2002-01-25 15:54:38
From:   plioi
The Castor JDO library makes a similar object/relational mapping. Exolab admits that it isn't 100% compliant with the JDO specs mentioned in this article. But I see no way that this (or Sun's spec) could possibly "lock you in" to any particular vendor. It's open sourced, works with both open sourced and BigCo databases, and provides a mapping from databases to objects to XML, so it's completely open. How can Thought, Inc. pretend this isn't vendor-neutral?
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  • Dion Almaer photo Castor JDO?
    2002-01-27 21:37:18  Dion Almaer | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Castor JDO is a great product. I am a big fan of it, along with all of Castor, hence my article "XML Data Binding with Castor": http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/onjava/2001/10/24/xmldatabind.html

    The only real reason I didn't write the article using Castor-JDO is due to it being a little different to the JDO spec, and I didn't want to mislead people.

    It isn't vendor neutral, as if you use the Castor-JDO-isms, you would have to refactor your code to use something else.