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  iPod shuffle Tips and Tricks
Subject:   Battery charging
Date:   2005-03-13 07:29:43
From:   shufflefan
I love my new shuffle, but one thing is worrying me. When I plug into my iBook to charge my battery, the indicator light on front remains amber, even after being connected for hours. Why is my Pod not charging? Do I have to keep my iBook from going to sleep? Or do I have a defective model?
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  • Battery charging
    2007-04-14 20:11:51  Smellyninja [View]

    I have the same problem. I can leave my iPod on all night and day and yet, when I take it out and try to listen to it, the light is red, and the battery dies after a few songs. This problem seems to be confusing a lot of people... what should we do?