Software Patents in the EU
Subject:   artificial distinction between hardware and software
Date:   2005-03-09 08:29:44
From:   SerpentMage
Response to: artificial distinction between hardware and software

I am really glad you mentioned razors. What product in the industry is too expensive, and locked behind cages? Yes folks, razors! People steal and re-sell razors because they are valuable. And what are they? Razors! Pieces of metal with ground edges!

This is why I am against patents because they keep prices artificially high for no real reason!

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  • artificial distinction between hardware and software
    2005-03-09 10:19:15  JimmyB [View]

    If you can put an invention in a razor, why not patent it? If the invention were no good, why would anyone buy it?
    Assume you have a very good invention for a razor and you don't patent it, what are you chances to successfully market it without Gillette rolling all over you?
    The same is valid for software. I believe many people are currently demotivated to work out a software invention because they know that if it is really good, Microsoft and alike will copy it in anyway.
    The objective of patents is to protect an inventor so that he can market a product without being afraid that others will copy his invention. It must motivate the inventor to be entrepreneurial and bring new products to the market that are beneficial to the community.
    Of course, patents can be abused and some smart businessmen would like to patent standard engineering practices and this should be prevented by having a good patent law.
    Bottom line, in my opinion, if well implemented patents promote inventions and not the opposite.