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Subject:   Hmm. Perhaps I'm mistaken
Date:   2005-03-04 03:23:47
From:   Rich Bowen
Response to: Hmm. Perhaps I'm mistaken

The issue with wildcard SSL certs has always been one of browser support. And, it turns out, I was somewhat misinformed. It appears that all the latest versions of all the major browsers support wilcard certs, with one caveat.

Internet Explorer 6 only recognized one level of naming for the wildcard. That is, * will match, but will not match

And, of course, if you're not making the certs yourself, wildcard certs are considerably more expensive than regular ones.

Sorry for the misinformation.

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  • Hmm. Perhaps I'm mistaken
    2005-03-04 14:08:54  CraigBuchek [View]

    According to the RFC (2818 section 3.1, 4th paragraph), user agents are not supposed to accept more than 1 level of names.

    However, it also says that "more than one dNSName name" may be contained within a certificate, and "a match in any one of the set is considered acceptable". So that would seem to be the proper way to include multiple names in a single SSL certificate. However, I doubt that any browsers support that, or certificate generators for that matter. I could be wrong, but I couldn't find anything in Google on it.