Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   Let's get to MySQL!!
Date:   2002-01-18 13:42:46
From:   radionerd
I'd love to see an article on the installation and a simple tutorial on creating a database.

If we all survive that, an article on interfacing PHP with our simple database would be fantastic.

I've become so sick of the lack of speed FileMaker has when interfaced with Lasso or it's own web companion, I would love the oppertunity to learn more about SQL and PHP.


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  • Let's get to MySQL!!
    2002-03-04 18:40:01  ronmtec [View]

    I second the motion. I do a bunch of Filemaker work and I'd like to see both sides - how we can use Filemaker with OSX (the unix-y nougat core) and other alternatives (sql) for lesser budgets (Filemaker Unlimited is $1000! as is the Filemaker server.)
  • Try FrontBase (imports direct from FM)...
    2002-01-30 14:57:42  mmalc [View]

    FrontBase ( is an industrial strength database that supports PHP (and transactions...). PHP installation and configuration instructions are available at:

    It's free for developers; for a wide variety of tasks it's faster than Oracle; and it includes a FileMaker import utility:

  • You can do PostgreSQL right now
    2002-01-26 05:04:58  fitz22 [View]

    Step by step - I was up and running in a few minutes: