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Subject:   XPath rule to close JDBC resources
Date:   2005-03-01 06:02:47
From:   tcopeland
Response to: XPath rule to close JDBC resources

Hi Pravin -

> how I enable the design ruleset in WSAD 5.0?

Hm, you may want to ask that question on the PMD forums; I'm not a WSAD user, but folks there may be...

> Sorry to be eating up your time! :-)

No problemo! I'm sorry I can't give better answers to your questions; I usually run PMD from IntelliJ IDEA...



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  • XPath rule to close JDBC resources
    2005-03-01 21:41:14  PravinD [View]


    Sure I will post this query in the pmd forum. In case you do come acros the info i am looking for than pls do mail it to me at Thanks mate!!!!

    Pravin. D