Extending Struts
Subject:   Seamless Login Transfer
Date:   2005-02-24 14:01:37
Suppose a user has timed out, or just for any reason they need to login again. Is there a way to capture the current state of the system, have them log in, and seamlessly transmit them back to that state? In example, someone who comes to my web and is creating a contract through the multi-page web wizard on my site goes to lunch. Well, their session times out and they expect to be able to complete the contract after logging in. Is there a way to transfer this data while the user is logging in? I'm not talking about multi-threading the background, I'm just talking about saving a few items from the user's request that I am interrupting for a login action. How do I pass this data to be stored for retrieval upon completion of their login?
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  • Seamless Login Transfer
    2005-02-24 22:10:35  SunilPatil [View]

    Yes i think this is issue of how you want to store session information.
    Best possible option would be to store information in DB and once user logs in data entered by him on previous pages of wizards would be still available.
    If you dont want to use DB and information is very small you may want to store your info in HashMap which is static member of some class and map information object with username.