How Paris Got Hacked?
Subject:   wrong, but cute story
Date:   2005-02-23 08:54:26
From:   tressermckay
not that people actually care about the truth anymore...

her t-mobile, along with vin diesel's was hacked becuase t-mobiles have this option that allows it's users to sidestep the 'enter yout password' section of the voice mail if they are calling from the phone that voice mail is set up on.

All that was done was that the phone number was spoofed and the voicemail was called. the voicemail believed it was getting the call from the proper phone, and allowed access to the system, per the settings.

nothing as silly as knowing the dog's name

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  • wrong, but cute story
    2010-02-10 14:44:16  valmortiz [View]

    I work in a mobile phone company, in the IT security area. You'll be amazed to know that 80% of the users chose between a set of 20 passwords, such as address number, dogs/mather/father name, year of birth, etc.

    Systems are, most of the time, very secures. Interacting with humans make them to fail....

    Vivi - vuelos (