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Subject:   Why not DynDNS?
Date:   2005-02-22 23:51:00
From:   AndreAulich


nice article!

If you are looking to overcome problems with dynamic IP addresses, you could also use DynDNS instead. It's easier to set up and provides you with web addresses like http://yourserver.homeunix.org, which is not much uglier than http://homepage.mac.com/yourusername.

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  • Matthew Russell photo Why not DynDNS?
    2005-02-23 05:23:57  Matthew Russell | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    As I was writing this up (looking back), I think the reason that DynDNS didn't really come to mind was because I was thinking about ways to completely mask your .Mac homepage URL as opposed to *any* kind of explicit redirect--even if it's a "nice looking" one--and how to keep this in the freebie category (although around $15 a year isn't asking for much at all).

    But overall, DynDNS is a great option that we all should be aware of when trying to overcome these kinds of problems. DNS over is a prety interesting system in and of itself.

    Thanks for throwing in that good idea!